Social Media Optimization

Today if people want to find information they go straight to the internet. Access of internet has reached to our home, office, and on the palm of each individual through mobile. Half of the world’s population is under age of 30 years and most of them are active on social media. This gives us an idea of social media domination.

Social media is a great opportunity to interact to your existing and perspective customers, engage with those who love your brand and it is also an important factor in ranking well in the search. However, the biggest challenge people have when trying to market their business through social media is where to start from and how will it work in their favor?

This is where Acme Infolabs Pvt Ltd can help you to begin with. Our highly trained and social media marketing specialists put your business on the right path that leads toward success. Our process includes:

Social Media audit

It begins with the auditing of your target audience and the presence of your site on various social networking sites. There is no point in wasting any time on a platform that is not producing any result. The goal should be to find which platform produces the best result so that you can focus only to them.

Build your audience

It is essential to put your brand in front and centre of those who will make a positive difference. We also help you to create and manage your social media profile to attract visitors and build audience base.

Recommending SEO tool

There are hundreds of SEO tools, finding them to track performance, opportunities, management and many more can be tough ask. We help you narrow your choices based on budget, resource and efficiency.

Social posting

We provide social post schedules that promote your content and we may create content for you as well. All we need to know which post are getting the most social share. From there it is just a matter of fitting more of that type of successful content into next month social media schedule.

Social campaign

We can design and deliver social media campaign to enchant social engagement, enhance the visibility of a new product and seize new data.

Reporting detail

We prepare and furnish exhaustive monthly report detailing how your social media profiles representing positive effect on your business.

To reach to 50 million users radio took 38 years, television 13 years, internet 4 years, however social media site Facebook alone added 100 million users in less than 9 months. There are 2 billion videos viewed each day on You Tube and there are many more examples.

Today people get their information online and social media is the most effective and productive way of marketing.

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