Digital marketing is the future

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Future

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The world has become digital and people are connecting digitally through different social media platforms and several messaging applications. Gone are the days when advertisements and newspapers, pamphlets used to be a great way of marketing and advertising. The reason that these old methods don’t survive in this digital world is that consumers these days do not respond to these advertisements.

The popularity of the Internet has made it a collective commercial center of tomorrow. You can discover nearly everything here, from day by day use things to vehicles on the internet. The digital age is in full force because of the connection people experience online. Now it’s time to question, why digital marketing is going to be the next big thing in the future. Here are the 5 reasons why digital marketing in the future.

1. Rise of marketing automation and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it’s popularly referred to, is being fused into Digital Marketing as well as in all the potential spaces of innovation and technology. We as of now have mechanized commercials on Facebook, Google, Pandora and so forth. Computer-based intelligence can be used to adjust these advertisements dependent on the information of what works and what doesn’t.

Sooner, AI will be a pillar of Predictive Marketing. AI will almost certainly remove data like client needs, practices, and future activities by breaking down the enormous amount of customer-produced information. Hence, in a universe of Marketing Automation, Artificial Intelligence will be crucial in actualizing advertising strategies in the future.

2. Importance of content marketing

Content marketing is a kind of marketing that involves the creation of online content for example- blog posts, social media posts, and videos, it does not particularly promote a brand but it increases the interest of the readers and viewers into the products and services. Content marketing strategy involves all forms of written and video content. The goal of content marketing and KPIs of every business differs from each other and the type of content completely depends on the requirement of business type.

According to research, marketers felt the importance of content marketing has increased by 60% more than the previous years. Content Marketing is the fuel for all types of Inbound Marketing platforms like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Blog Marketing, and so forth. Since Content Marketing is the nexus of Inbound Marketing, its fame legitimately influences Inbound Marketing as a whole.

3. Focus more on personalization

It’s a universe of personalization. Today, every progression in technology points towards improving the relationship of a human and a machine. A Salesforce research found that 66% of the individuals are likely going to switch organizations if they feel like a number instead of a person.

It demonstrates that personalization is never again simply one more requirement however, a need. One of the instances of personalization pattern is Quora Digest, which is a lot of suggestions based on the client’s interest. The requirement for personalization will open endless open doors for Data Analysts, in the years to come, for breaking down client interests. Email Marketers and Mobile Marketers will wind up instrumental to send customized messages over Email, SMS, and so on.

4. Growth in Smartphone and mobile usage

According to research, it has come forward that the number of smartphone users will reach 6 billion by 2020. This shows the exponential development of smartphone users around the globe. It opens wide roads for Mobile Marketers. There will be significant interest for Marketers, who can execute Marketing techniques through advanced channels like SMS, MMS, pop-up messages, and so on.

As per Statistics, 71% of users were Social Media clients, and the figures are expected to develop exponentially. This implies as the number of smartphones increases, the opportunities for digital marketing will also increase.

5. The new phase of SEO

It takes one voice, at the right pitch, to change the whole Digital Market. Voice Assistant products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are getting a charge out of a fantastic run as of now. These items mean making lives increasingly agreeable by offering suitable responses to the client’s inquiries receipt.

As per Site Research Survey 2018, officially 30% of the US populace is utilizing Voice Assistant speakers which records for the expanding prominence of these items. This has changed the extent of SEO. Presently, more organizations are hustling to get ahead arrangement on the web utilizing Voice Search as their essential apparatus.

The Final Word

So now, you know why Digital Marketing will be the most popular ability of the future. Digital marketing employments are creative and offer the most rewarding package. So, why let the opportunity slip away from your hands when you have the choice to begin early? Presently you have the formula for progress; you can step forward and become the star of the Marketing business. A Digital Marketing career is combined with energy and worthwhile rewards in a future not so distant from today. Get set go![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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