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You Tube Video Optimization

Why promotion on YouTube is important?

YouTube optimization is very important for any business. People love to watch video of any product, service or brand. People make their mind for purchasing anything by watching the videos also. In some studies it has been found the almost half of the people say that actually they made their buying decision after watching the brand’s videos. About 81 percent consumers interact with a brand on social media and about 43 percent consumers go through watching the brands videos. YouTube is second largest social media and billions of videos are being watched every day. People are searching for videos for almost everything so it can be said that in coming days a major part of the traffic of any business will come from YouTube. So it is very important to make a strategy to optimize your videos on you tube.

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You Tube Algorithms

You tube a video search engine and there are algorithms by which you tube show results. So the question is how to optimize a video for YouTube’s algorithms.

YouTube has an intelligent algorithm to bring the best content for any search. Watch time is one of the important ranking factors for a video to rank. Engagement of a video can only be judged by watch time. If a video is enjoyable by viewers, they will watch it till the end. So if a video is enjoyable it has high chances to be ranked high.

The description of video provided by the owner is also important user signal. You tube replies on the information of the video provided by you so the description of the video should be short and to the point.

You tube tags are very important as they help YouTube to categories the video. Proper keyword research is very important as YouTube limits the number of tags you can put in a video. So we can use multiword keywords, single word keywords and broad term keywords based on the proper search of the competitors. YouTube does not show the meta and keywords on which video results are shown but there are many video optimization tools which help in finding the keywords and tags of competitors.

The title, meta data, Tags, video engagement and total number of views of a video are strong signals for ranking. Our digital marketing experts are competent enough to bring your videos on top of the search and it will help in increasing the views and improve your brand image and conversion rate.

Why Us?

We are experts in YouTube promotion service in India. There are many YouTube video promotion companies in India but they are not competent enough to do proper research and their YouTube video promotion packages are costly also. We believe in quality services and our YouTube video promotion packages will cost you less as compared to competitors.

We will analyze your competitor and evaluate the performance and strategy on YouTube. Based on the analysis we will promote your videos in such a way that it can drive traffic on your website and increase the conversions. for promotion of your You Tube channel please request for a quote.