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SEO Disclaimer.


Acme Infolabs Pvt. Ltd. is known by the quality of work it has delivered in the field of SEO and Internet Marketing. We have a dynamic and integrated team of expert who utilized all result-oriented white hat and ethical SEO strategy and approach to produce favorable outcomes. We ardently believe in performance-based search engine optimization. It is the sheer transparency and legitimacy policy of the company that has provided us a standout identity in a very short span of time. Although, we do not offer any false promises and all the services will be error-free, yet we want you to go through the specific disclaimer before you opt for our services.

Acme Infolabs Pvt. Ltd. does not guarantee any specific search engine results or rankings, directory listings or listing on search engines. We cannot control, manipulate or steer search engine results. Since the search engine algorithm keeps changing, the process of ranking may take a few months to a year to show prominent results. We do not guarantee constant ranking, it may reduce or fluctuate over the period of time if not optimized regularly due to the changing algorithm of the search engine in order to provide the best product to the customers.

Acme Infolabs works proficiently in order to enhance potential and targeted traffic to the client’s website by utilizing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies and other strategies as concurring by the client. These services may include but not limited to; link optimization, meta tag optimization, keyword research and optimization, social media marketing, image optimization, inbound link, XML sitemap creation, submitting website to general and vertical directories, using Google products: Google console and Google analytics and more.

Acme Infolabs is not liable for the higher search engine ranking of your website if the content on your website is ineffective and irrelevant. It is so because appropriate and relevant content is an essential factor in engaging and attracting visitors to your website and convince them to stay for a longer period of time and eventually becomes a potential customer.

We are not responsible if the ranking of the website is affected due to the slow server. If any server error transpire when search engine crawling is in the process, we do not take any liability for the negative ranking.

In case any alteration is attempted from the client’s side without the due permission of our SEO team and if it negatively affects the ranking on search engine, we do not take any responsibility to bring back the higher search engine ranking. Even a small change from the client’s end may affect the page optimization and might plunder the ranking instantly.

We are not deemed responsible for higher website ranking on search engines in case the garbage links and posts have been created by competitor on many sites. Acme Infolabs will intimate you instantly about such links if occurs at any point of time because such links can badly effect the reputation of the website.

At any point of time, if you render the project that is earlier assigned to Acme Infolabs, it will be your responsibility to inform us regarding this because double optimization can affect badly to your website ranking, as a result, it will automatically drop down your website ranking on all the search engines.

As a matter of fact, SEO is an ever-changing industry The search engine algorithms and Google updates keep changing from time to time. That is why, it is impossible for any SEO service provider to guarantee high rankings for a website or webpage. Acme Infolabs do not claim such guarantee as well. At the same time, we also intimate to be wary of such SEO service provider that promise or commit you to achieve specific rankings in search engine. Google clearly warns not use services of such SEO service provider that make such promises.

As a responsible SEO company, we do not want your business or website to suffer any loss in any case. Therefore, we give our best to bring positive and fruitful results to your business by practicing all ethical and white hat means and strategies to secure high rankings on search engines. We expect our client to cooperate with us in it as well.

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I use Acme InfoLabs, Acme InfoLabs for short, for my digital marketing services and SEO. They moved us from nothing to a lot of traffic on our website and it's been marvelous working with them, partner with them. I highly recommend Acme InfoLab. They are so good.

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London, UK

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