Digital Marketing Agency vs SEO Freelancer

Digital Marketing Agency vs SEO Freelancer Which Option is Better ?

In the contemporary era, online marketing is a pivotal factor in the success of any business organization, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standing out as a potent pillar in the realm of online marketing. Explore the dynamics of ‘Digital Marketing Agency vs SEO Freelancer’ to make informed choices for your online strategy. which includes other important services like PPC, email marketing and more.

Your marketing approach and strategy are on of the most important pieces to build a successful foundation of your business. You need to ensure that you have an incredibly strong marketing approach. Therefore, this means who you select to build your online presence or marketing strategy will bring the results.

A business owner has 1000 things to maintain and so many things to take care of, it’s impossible for a single person to handle all the work. Here comes the need for professional help. As said before, Digital Marketing is crucial to surviving in this digital era. As there is numerous option which often creates a confusion among the businessmen to go for an SEO company in India or SEO freelancer.

Don’t worry! Here we have done a comprehensive study and make a guide for how to ensure which option is best for you or you are making the right choice when choosing between an SEO freelancer or a Digital marketing Agency.

Let’s understand the basic difference between a marketing/SEO company or agency in India and an SEO freelancer– the SEO agencies have a team of SEOs, Content producers, Link builders, and project managers whom they hire to provide all the online services under one roof and give their clients the best SEO techniques or strategies. If you hand over your SEO needs to a SEO company or agency then you will your work to the people who are experts and specializes in the work that you are looking for. SEO agencies usually work with multiple clients and have gone through different problems already so if your website faces any issue related to SEO they can easily identify and fix it accordingly.

Whereas, an SEO Freelancer neither works for any agency nor for any in-house. They are also experts in this field. They handle your issues by keeping every aspect in mind and are dedicated to bringing in more traffic, ranking and leads for your business. If you don’t feel comfortable with the agency atmosphere, their way of working and the hiring of freelance SEOs for their online marketing needs. You can choose SEO as freelance SEOs don’t take too many projects and can personally listen to you more frequently than SEO agencies.

They are very responsible and as dedicated as any SEO agency. Another benefit of choosing SEO freelancers is they are less expensive than SEO agencies. So if your budget is low and fewer services are required you can always reduce your cost by handing over your SEO requirements to a freelance SEO consultant.

Some important factors to consider before choosing a SEO agency or SEO freelancer-

  • Cost

Cost is an important factor to consider. When hand over your SEO needs to a professional marketing or SEO agency you can fully rely on them for every SEO issue. They are ideal for handling big projects. But the cost can be higher if you choose a reputable and big agency. Though for an SEO agency, you need to pay for exactly what you use. They have a team of experts, from which you can simply select and use their skills by paying the minimal cost.

On other hand, hiring a freelancer can be a good option when you are on a very strict budget as you can easily get freelancers for almost every budget. Usually, they are preferred or chosen for short-term marketing tasks or SEO activities but not for handling big projects. SEO freelancers are trusted less unlike marketing agencies.

  • Skill

Skill is the main factor you should consider before choosing an SEO agency or SEO freelancer as you will pay for the skills. SEO Freelancers may or may not have the required skills, depending on who you are hiring.  It will be hard to find a freelancer with a broad range of focused skills, which implies you might have to search for more than one freelancer. It can be time-consuming as you have to research, evaluate and also bargain to get a good SEO freelancer in your budget.

If you need a variety of SEO services and other online marketing skills such as social media, PPC web development etc. then a marketing or SEO agency will be a good choice as in an agency you will get a team of experienced marketers or SEO experts which means a wide range of skills. But you can’t always choose with whom you will work. Usually, the agency allocates a person for your business.

  • Management

SEO freelancers are not good at management. We can say agencies are better at this. As the freelancers are not exactly managers, unlike marketing agencies who keep lots of experience along with dedicated managers to handle the projects. If you seek a good manager then an agency will be a good choice. SEO freelancers can surely work on your website, improve its ranking and provide you with the right SEO techniques but they can never manage your project like a professional marketing agency will do.

Hence, you to make a decision considering these factors and all the pros and cons. If you have a high budget and it permits you to go for a marketing solution, hiring a professional agency or white label seo reseller company can be the best option. You will get everything under the same roof who are capable of handling big projects within the stipulated time. It completely depends on your business size and requirements, you know better than anyone what can be good for your business. And if you are searching for someone who dedicatedly and personally handles your work and gives you updates about your project then in that case Freelance SEO can be an ideal option for your business enterprise.


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