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Principles for Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best marketing platforms that have the potential to reach half of the population of the world. It is the oldest and most well-established methods of outreach. Studies reveal that email marketing has the highest click-through rate as compared to any other digital marketing technique. Thus it is a beneficial and efficient marketing strategy when used properly. 

However, sending emails to everyone can’t be quoted as “effective“, and it gives a negative image to email marketing. Here we will see, as a professional SEO company or a digital marketer what the principles of effective email marketing.

1.  Give Specific Offer: Every email that is to be sent to the email users should have a clear and specific goal. It should not be a general message and should always have an aim. The aim should be well reflected in the image and the words you use. With this in mind, one can improve the conversion rate drastically.

The subject line you use should be particularly telling your customers the “value” they will get if they open the email. Your content of the email should communicate what you are offering.

Always remember that you should always give a reason to your customer to click on the email so that they get directed to your website.

2. Choose right audience and action: Being “specific” about your offer doesn’t mean that users will click on call to action. Especially, if your proposal does not have any connection with the user who receives the email. If you have chosen the wrong audience, then it does not have any impact, even if you have the best offer or if the presentation of email is in the wrong way.

Within a short period, you can reach a vast audience using an email campaign. However, you have to clearly select the right audience and also choose the right approach, which gives motivation to the users to click it.

3. Communicate as you do on social media: If the business treats emails as a flier, then users will not develop an interest in them, and ultimately they will delete them. Most companies take email marketing as announcements and advertisements, but it’s not an effective way to reach your customers. Develop strategies as you do on social media. If you post social media posts as an advertisement, then surely you will lose your followers quickly. 

Thus email is another way to get social and hence it should be treated like a “way to connect with your family and friends”. Always make your email interesting and engaging while telling a story, and then you will have more conversions.

4. Don’texpect quick results: Do not expect perfection right from the first email campaign. Maybe you have done an excellent email campaign for the first time, but it always needs some tests, some re-working, and some work to grab all the prospects of your product or service. Email marketing is similar to every other digital marketing technique; hence you always need to do the analytics instead depending upon the assumptions you make.

Researching before launching an email campaign is a great idea, but you should gather your own data and understand the behavior of your target audiences. Compiling your own analytics and recording it consistently will help you to develop a better email campaign strategy in your next email campaign.

5. Make the “value” to the customers very clear: Right from the subject line to the images and content, you should be sure that all should be unified and give a “value” to the users.

When someone visits your website via email, it is assumed that the user has some interest in your product or service. However, if the offer you have given in the email doesn’t match with the offer presented on the website, then they lose the trust on you and will surely delete the email.

Thus, always make sure that what you commit in your email should always match with the commitment on your website. Only then you will have a better chance of converting the prospect into the customer.

So, always try to build a relationship with your customers and do not treat them only as a “customer“. Try to deliver engaging and interesting information to them so that your email campaign becomes very effective.

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