How to Promote a Youtube Channel

Whether you hire social media agency or yourself has a social media marketing strategy for promoting your youtube channel, there is no “Best time” to do it as it’s an evergreen form of promoting your brand using Youtube.

Youtube is the second most visited website on the web, and in a day people spend 6 (On average) hours on it. So if you want to stand out from the business competition, you should use youtube as a social media marketing strategy. Here we will see a step-by-step approach to promote your youtube channel so that the viewership could be maximized.

How to Promote a Youtube Channel 4
  1. Write engaging titles – Social media marketing, along with youtube marketing is all about presentation. Thus titles are a tool to grab the attention of audiences. Today people have a craving for entertaining videos on youtube thus to promote your youtube channel you should use insane titles to rack up the views. To make the title more engaging, you should use 41 to 70 characters it.
  2. Perform YouTube SEO – Youtube videos show up 70% times in the top 100 Google search results and if your channel is on “how to” then it will have more chances of showing up. However, to rank your videos higher, you need to perform youtube SEO by following few practices:
    ⦁ Using titles and description: Search for the keywords and use them in your descriptions and titles.
    ⦁ Mentioning keyword in the video: Say your targeted keywords in the video so that Youtube understand what your video is all about.
    ⦁ Engagement: Try to make the video enjoyable to get more likes, views, and comments, which helps you get good search ranks.
    Categories: Use categories so that Youtube understands whom to show the videos to.
    ⦁ Tags: You can also use tags to tell Youtube more about your video, adding as many as possible. Do not stuff the keywords and use them when it makes sense.
  3. Be audience-centric – Whether you or your social media agency produce any content or video for social media marketing, make sure that it aligns with what the audience wants. To use this technique, you should research and know your audience first and what type of video they want to see from you. You should also see various videos uploaded by your competitors or other video creators in your industry. Take insights on which of their videos have got the maximum number of views and engagement. This will make you clear about the hot topics that the audience wants and the behavior of them. Another way to be audience-centric is to analyze the Youtube Analytics as it will give all information about the audience location, demographics, engagements, etc.
  4. Customize your thumbnails – Creating custom thumbnails is one of the effective in promoting your youtube channel. Always think and match the title and thumbnail to grab the viewer’s attention.
  5. Though youtube itself grabs a screenshot and give you the option to use it as a thumbnail, unfortunately, it sometimes is not adequate. Hence, creating thumbnails yourself with various tools looks more appealing, and it also makes sense of professionalism.
  6. Run a contest or giveaway – Try to host a youtube contest or giveaways as it encourages people to subscribe to your channel and get engaged. To make it simple, ask them to like your video, subscribe to your channel, or leave a comment to enter. Some of the best practices to run any social media marketing or Youtube content are:
    ⦁ Follow Youtube policies.
    ⦁ Give takeaways or gift related to your brand.
    ⦁ Use user-generated contents or non-standard entry requirements.
  7. Motivate viewers to follow your series – A smarter way to spread your youtube channel’s awareness is by developing a video series on a particular theme or topic. Various series have a win-win effect on creators as well as on viewers. You don’t have to brainstorm and waste your time on getting fresh ideas to create a video for creators. For viewers, always get a new video, and that’s the reason they keep on returning to your channel repeatedly.
  8. Use your YouTube videos on other platforms – As a social media agency or company, if you promote your youtube videos on your website or as a social media marketing strategy, this is probably the best idea. This practice not only improves the conversion rate, but it also lowers the bounce rate if the videos are used on the site or your social media page. If you want users to stick on a particular blog post or a product page, always embed a video on your site and social media platform.
  9. Collaborate with other creators and brands – The technique that the biggest you tubers follow is collaborating with other users as it gives exposure to the new set of audiences. By doing this you get more subscribers, and also you create the videos that your subscribers already liked and trusted. The successful collaboration could be finding the perfect partner who shares similar interests and passion that your brand delivers.
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