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Terms and conditions of use and employing Acme Infolabs Private Limited

For making use of any product, or service, or characteristics via the internet website or Acme Infolabs Private Limited as an Organization by any user of the website shall be directed by the following terms of use: This website is hand over by Acme infolabs Private Limited and may be utilized for instructional purposes only. By making use of this site or downloading any materials from the site you admit to following the terms and conditions described in this notice. If you do not admit to following these terms and conditions, kindly do not make use of this website for downloading any materials from this website. This website along with all materials available ( excepting any applicable third-party materials), is the asset of Acme Infolabs Private Limited and is copyrighted and protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaties provisions. You admit to follow with all copyright laws globally in your use of this website and to stop any unlicensed duplicate of the materials. Acme infolabs Private Limited does not allow any express or indirect rights under any patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secret details. If unintentionally any content/ images/ copyright be the property of you or any known party, kindly put it in writing to us and we will remove it instantly. Acme infolabs private limited has business relationships with 1000s of customers, suppliers, Government, and many others. For ease and clarity, terms such as joint venture, partnership, and partner are making use to hint at business relationships consisting of normal activities and interests, and those terms may not hint at accurate legal relationships.

Third-party content

The website makes details of third parties accessible, consisting of articles, reports, news reports, tools to ease computation, company details, and other data. You admit and grant that the third-party content is not made or endorsed by Acme infolabs Private Limited nor any of the products or services provided via it. The provision of third-party content is for common details purposes only and does not establish a suggestion of solicitation. Furthermore, the third-party content is not expected to give tax, and legal, or an investment recommendations. You admit that the third-party content offered to you is acquired from sources trusted to be trustworthy, but that no promises are made by the website or the providers of the third-party content as to its correctness, comprehensiveness, or timeliness. You admit not to keep the website, any business providing products or services via the website, or any provider of third-party content responsible for any investment determinations or other transaction you may make depend on your dependence on or making use of such data, or any liability that may come about because of hold-up or obstructions in the delivery of the third-party content for any cause.

No warranty

This website, the details and the matters on the site, and any software made accessible on the site are offered as it is unaccompanied by any representation or warranty, express or implicit, of any type, consisting, but not bounded to, warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for any specific ground. There is not at all any warranty of any type, express or implicit, about third-party content. There is also no assurance that this site will be without charge of any computer viruses. Some of the jurisdictions do not permit the removal of implicit warranties, so the aforesaid removals may not be applicable to you.

Limitations of damages

By no means shall Acme infolabs Private Limited or any of its divisions or affiliates be responsible to any organization for any direct, indirect, particular, consequential, or other hams (consisting, unaccompanied by limitation, any lost profits, business disruption, loss of details of programs or other data on your information handling system) that are linked to the use of, or the incapacity to use, the content, materials, and operations of the website or any associated website, even if acme infolabs Private Limited is expressly guided of the chances of such damages


Acme Infolabs Private Limited reserves the right, at its own discretion, to alters, modifies, add or eliminate any part of these terms of use in complete or in part, at whatever time. Alterations in these terms of use will be operative when the notice of such alterations is posted. You pursue the use of the website after any alterations to these terms of use are posted will be examined the acceptance of those alterations. Acme infolabs Private Limited may conclude, alter, suspend, or cancel any feature of the Acme Infolabs Private Limited website, consisting of the availability of any characteristics of the site, at whatever time. Acme Infolabs Private Limited may also inflict limits on various characteristics and services or limit your access to parts or the whole website unaccompanied by any notice or liability


You admit to indemnify and hold safe Acme Infolabs Private Limited, its divisions, and affiliates from any claim, price, expenditure, judgment, or other loss connecting with your use of this website, consisting without restrictions of the above-stated, any steps you take which is in contravention of the terms and conditions of these terms of use.

Once you agree to work with Acme Infolabs Private Limited you also agree to:

• The cheque or money order or electronic transfer or Paypal payments will be payable to “Acme Infolabs Private Limited, Delhi”. We will be surely delighted to begin the project instantly after we acquire your confirmation of our proposal, the requested details, and applicable professional fees.

• In no case will Acme Infolabs Private Limited be responsible to the client or any third party for any damages, consisting of any lost profits, lost business, lost savings, or in another contingent, consequential or particular damages coming out of the functionality of or not capable to function the presentation application

• All the taxes will be applicable and levied as per actual

• Client shows to Acme Infolabs Private Limited an unquestioning assurance that all components of text, graphics, images, designs, trademarks, source code, or other graphics served to Acme Infolabs Private Limited for addition in the web pages are possessed by Client, or that client has consent from the real owner to make use each of these components and will hold safe, secure and defend Acme infolabs private limited from any claim or suit coming out from the use of such components served by the client

• Nevertheless, of the area of the venue, this contract was come into in New Delhi, India, and any discussion will be settled or adjudicated in New Delhi, India

• Any extra work not stated in the proposal will be evaluated individually or would need changes to this proposal

• In a case client finishes the project for the duration of the development of the website; in this event, the first advance will not be refunded at all

• In event of any court case, the amount paid will not surpass the amount charged from the client

Website development project

• In the course of the project explaining it is the client's duty to give us clear instructions along with the flow or particular information, you may need. When such information was not given, we will move with our understanding of your needs and quote in consequence. At a subsequent stage, if a discrepancy coming out, it may result in extra costs to entertain the alterations. Hence, it is necessary that you make clear every feature of your website development and make sure that you have been quoted on the correct needs.

• Once the proposal has been concluded, any add-ons, alterations, or improvements in the performances or design of the project will surely influence the proposal and may arouse extra cost and revised delivery date. All extra work, in addition to the estimates, is charged individually. On no account will Acme Infolabs private limited be responsible for any delays caused by modification in the project explanation.

• The registration charges of the domain are not included as a part of the proposal without the provision that it is mentioned in the proposal.

• The charges of hosting are not included in the quotations without the provision that is mentioned in the proposal. Acme Infolabs private limited can arrange the right hosting solution if needed, a quote for which will be submitted individually and accepted by the client.

• Once the website has been delivered we will give one month of free service consisting of training.

• Acme Infolabs private limited cannot give access to anyone to test servers and test websites to any clients or any third party.

Dedicated resources

• The client is assigned dedicated resources alongside the essential operational support staff like a team leader or project manager if demanded

• The web developer or designer is on a dedicated ground; hence it is crucial he or she has worked at all times to keep away delaying the work

• The company and the client, both the parties take on to reveal the details consisting of secret details only to a slightest no. of its employees who require to have the details revealed to them only on an in-secret ground and to make sure that the duties on use and reveal of the details are monitored by all of the said employees

• In between the course of the project, it is the client's duty to give all the purposeful details, content, images, previous code, etc. so as to make the project technically workable and practicable- in the absenteeism of the surpassing or any other purposeful material Acme Infolabs private limited will make use of freeware or shareware material consider it appropriate

• Payments for working time are not refundable if the work is discontinued before the finish

• If the sum of man-hours recorded by a resource is greater than 15% over the hours stated above, then the administration of Acme Infolabs Private Limited reserves the right to levied charges to the client for the extra man-hours

Hosting services

• Hosting is a yearly charge which must be paid in advance for the complete year

• It is the client's duty to renew the hosting in advance of time i.e prior to the expiry date. Negligence to renew in advance of time can result in loss of files, data, emails, backups, etc. All outstanding hosting is disabled or removed from the server.

• All renewals should be paid by 7 working days before the expiry date. Acme Infolabs private limited will not be liable for problems linking with the delayed payment.

• In the event of any Malware attack, Acme Infolabs private limited reserves the right to remove the files on the hosting service without providing any prior notice to the client

Cancellation or termination

• For the cancellation requests of hosting, it should be sent in writing or by e-mail a month before the expiry of the same. At once the hosting has been renewed, it cannot be canceled and must be paid for the complete year

• If a hosting has been canceled or discontinued then all files, emails, databases, and backups will be removed automatically from the server without informing the client.

• At once all bills are paid, it is the client’s duty to ask for the files subject matter to the mentioned below:


• All emails should be downloaded on the client’s computer annually or quarterly as suited. Email boxes should be held within their quota limitations. Annually or quarterly maintenance may be performed on the email box and emails above than 6 months are removed.

• Hosting is on 2 servers- on shared and non-shared servers hosted through third-party providers. Acme Infolabs private limited make sure the good to our capability that our systems and servers are secured from hackers, viruses, intruders, and any other online and offline issues, therefore we will not be held responsible for any interruption of services if such a situation coming out.


• The registrations and renewals of all domains are to be paid in advance

• Expiry of a domain can outcome in service interruption and loss of domain

• It is the client’s duty to renew their names of the domain with us

• All bills and dues must be paid in complete before we release the desired domain name

• Acme Infolabs private limited has the domains in a general pool account and hence cannot give access to anyone on its domain control panel

Maintenance plan

• All maintenance packages are for at least 3 month’s period

• Maintenance packages are billed periodically and fees to be transferred or paid on the initial day of the billed period

• Packages are planned to deliver minor website maintenance works only. Bigger projects or updates are not comprised in the package.

• The packages are automatically renewed periodically and bills will be raised accordingly

Payment terms

• Monthly maintenance package fees needed to pay from credit cards only. No other types of payment will be received for monthly maintenance

• The fees of the monthly maintenance package will be charged to the client's credit card on file on the initial day of each month

• There are definitely no refunds for any fees linked to the monthly maintenance package.

• Any late payment charges must be paid by the clients


• In an event client require to cancel the automatic annual renewal, kindly notify us in writing at a minimum of 1 month before the renewal date

• In-progress term: For any cause, if the client determines to finish an in-progress maintenance package then they will require to pay the remaining amount of the balancing months

• Acme Infolabs Private Limited reserves the right to finish yearly maintenance at any moment with written notice to the client

Kindly note down that Acme Infolabs Private Limited reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions without any notice.

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