11 Ways to Increase Web Traffic to Your Website

If you have a business website and are struggling to drive more web traffic to your Website, you are not alone. It is very challenging in digital marketing to understand what is vital to the prospects to get quality & quantity of web traffic. Whether you write very engaging blogs, take social media marketing services or set up a new email campaign. It’s indeed challenging to find out which business advertising is driving traffic to your Website and which is not.

Here we will see few digital marketing ways that help you get more traffic to your Website, generate more conversions, and improve the ROI.

1. Writing Engaging Content: Creating engagement through blogging attracts quality users to your Website, provided you should know about the buyer persona. Once you recognize your audience, you can create informational and engaging content that will attract your Website’s right users.

By following the below steps, you can write a good blog post and attract the right users to your Website:

  • Know the right audience
  • Do SEO research
  • Write a blog
  • Publish the blog
  • Promote the blog

2. Do paid advertising: Paid advertising, either using social media marketing services, Pay-per-click ads or retargeting ads, helps you get more traffic to your Website. However, one should not be dependent on only one type of business advertising; instead, do a combination.

3. Follow organic social media marketing: Following organic social media marketing strategies is not new, but one should take advantage of driving more traffic to your business website. Apart from posting contents on social media, you can use various social media services like Instagram stories or Facebook messenger. Remember that to succeed in organic social media marketing, one should be early adopters of new features.

4. Use website analysis

Doing website analysis by using various tools helps you understand where you are losing the visitors. These tools will also help you to learn more about the type of audience that visits your Website. With this information, you can create the right and highly engaging content that will divert your Website’s ideal prospect.

5. Perform contests and giveaways

Performing contests and giveaways is a very straightforward way to drive traffic to your Website. You not only reward your followers by gift, but it also gives you better brand visibility. You can host the contests and giveaways using social media, email marketing or using both. By following the below steps, you can perform this business advertising strategy effectively.

  • Decide the digital marketing platform to host the contests or giveaways.
  • Choose the prize to be given.
  • Choose the criteria based on which prize is to be given
  • Write ad
  • Create graphics
  • Post an ad and promote it.

6. Influential marketing


Influential marketing is a budget-friendly way to drive traffic to your Website. According to a study conducted by Google, influential marketing is four times effective in brand visibility than getting endorse your products by celebrities. When influencers post about various discount codes, reviews, links, you indeed get quality traffic and quantity.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is yet another Online marketing technique that drives website traffic via current customers and readers. Whenever you post a new blog or new offer, you can promote it among subscribers for a deliberate traffic boost. This not only helps you get more traffic but is also helpful in getting more leads, purchases and conversions.

8. Community engagement

The better is brand recognition, the better will be the web traffic to your Website. One of the best ways to get brand recognition is to engage and be active in your community. Engaging strategy can be done in various social media platforms, especially on Facebook. You can participate in Facebook group discussions, answering the queries of customers and interacting with followers.

9. On-Page SEO


Though On-page SEO needs time, it is the most common way to get web traffic to your Website for a more extended period. On-page SEO helps your Website rank higher in Google search, which assists businesses with more customers, leads and purchases. Some of the On-page SEO techniques include title description, meta description, alt tags, etc.

10. Creating quality backlinks

One business advertising technique to drive more traffic to your Website has quality backlinks from reputed websites. When you have backlinks from reputed websites, your website ranks higher in the Google search giving you authority in your industry. It also provides more credibility to your business.

11. Video marketing


According to Cisco, videos will increase the web traffic by 62% by 2022 hence it becomes very important to add videos to get more web traffic. People click more on videos rather than on blogs, images or GIF

These are the few digital marketing techniques that businesses should follow to get more traffic to your Website. Getting more traffic to your Website means better leads and better ROI.

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